Introducing “The Texas Championship Series”

2018 will be the inaugural year for “The Texas Championship Series.”  The goal of the series is to crown the best pilot in every contest category based on results from contests held in The Lone Star State.  Simple, right? Here is how it will work. 

  1. To be considered for the title of “Texas Championship Series” Champion a pilot must fly in EVERY multi-category contest held in Texas.
    1. The Early Bird…27-28 April in Edna, TX (26R)
    2. The Lone Star Aerobatic Championships…22-24 June in Sherman-Denison, TX (KGYI)
    3. The Hill Country Hammerfest…12-13 October in Llano, TX (KAQO)
  2. The pilot must compete in the same category at every contest.
  3. At the end of the season all pilots who met rules one and two will have their scores averaged to determine the “Texas Championship Series” winner in each category.
  4. In the event a contest is cancelled for any reason the results from the contests held will determine the victor. If a contest is re-scheduled and held at a later/different date that contest will be counted and must be attended for a pilot to be considered for the title of “Texas Championship Series” Champion.
  5. If a fourth multi-category contest is scheduled then a pilot must have competed in the same category in THREE of the contests held.

Our hope is that this event will increase participation at all of our Texas contests by creating an incentive for pilots in or near Texas to get out there and compete.  What is that incentive you may ask?  Good question.  First and foremost you get bragging rights over all of your peers who fly in your category.  Second you will get a yet to be designed but certain to be coveted award suitable for your fireplace mantle.  In all seriousness the award design committee (Doug Jenkinsm, IAC Chapter 24) is hoping to make this thing so jaw-droppingly awesome that your life will not be complete until you have earned one.  Please join us in Texas this season and, who knows, maybe you will be a 2018 Texas Championship Series winner!

If you have any questions about this event please contact Doug Jenkins at bagsf15 [at] Fly Fun!











Photo by IAC 24: