World Aerobatic Championships Concludes

Congratulations to our own Rob Holland for his 4th consecutive win of the Four Minute Freestyle. Rob brings home a Gold Medal and two Silvers for his excellent performance in Malelane. No pilot has ever won the Four Minute (also known as Programme 5 in CIVA rules) that many times in WAC history. There is a short video of him on Facebook now where he says, “The Nationals are next” and we look forward to seeing him and the other team pilots in Oshkosh at the end of this week.


Here is Rob accepting his trophy and medal. I don’t know how he is going to get that big elephant trophy into checked luggage!












Here are the Teams accepting their Medals with the USA taking Bronze in the team competition.










Incidentally, the team managers also get a large FAI Medal as well – well deserved, Alice! Congratulations to Mark Nowosielski, Craig Gifford, and Rob Holland for their scores, making this possible.


Mikhail Mamistov is the new World Aerobatic Champion. Mikhail is a real gentleman and always a pleasure to meet and talk with as well as being incredibly talented. He takes home the miniature replica Aresti Cup.












Full results are here. Lots of interesting data and a really exciting competition. Many changes in the standings due to the last Free Unknown.