US National Aerobatic Championships -- Bulletin #3

Nationals Bulletin #3. Though not as lengthy as the previous bulletins, it has important information that has changed since the publication of the previous bulletins. The bulletin includes a traffic route map and a grounds map, both with all of the buildings labeled that will be used during Nationals. Changes in Bulletin #3 include:

·         Closure of Waukau Avenue which necessitates entering the EAA site via a different route.

·         General parking now to be in the L Lot, adjacent to Gate 31 and not far from Building C (hangar).

·         Group photo now to take place at the Museum and not the Brown Arch on Saturday, 23 September.

All of the bulletins can be found on the Special Rules and Procedures page of the Nationals webpages. Bulletin #3 is attached to the bottom of this news item.





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