IAC Regional Director Assignments Updated

After each IAC election, the President reviews the new Board of Directors assigns our various regions to each Director. Most remain with the same regions they have represented before but when a new Director is elected or an incumbent drops off the Board, this requires some re-shuffling.

In this year's election, we now have a new Director, Peggy Riedinger. Since Peggy resides and is active in the northwest USA, she now has responsibility for the IAC Northwest Region. The region was formerly assigned to Ron Schreck, who now has the South Central Region as his responsibility. Their contact info can be found under the "About" tab and "Leadership" page. We encourage the chapters to contact and regularly communicate with your Director.

A document with the assignments and contact info for the Directors is attached below and available for download.

The new officers and directors are shown below at AirVenture 2017. Left to right: Lorrie Penner (Executive Director), Debby Rihn-Harvey, Gerry Molidor, Mike Heuer, Robert Armstrong, Peggy Riedinger, Tim Just, Ron Schreck, and Bob Hart. (photo by Evan Peers, IAC editor).

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