2017 EAA Air Venture - IAC Forums line up

Preparations for the IAC's exhibition theme, " EXTRA and Eagles", during EAA Air Venture will include a full roster of forums at the IAC Pavilion. The forums are scheduled daily from Tuesday, July 25 through Friday, July 28 beginning at 8:30am daily..

In keeping with the exhibition theme, Mark Ciaglia and Lynn Ojala  start off the forums on Tuesday morning with their forum entitled, "The Untold Adventures of Building and Flying the Christen Eagle II". On Wednesday, Michael Lents, CFI and Professor at the University of North Dakota, delivers an engaging forum based on his experiences in transitioning from a Decathlon to an EXTRA 300L. On Thursday we'll hear about the championship based EXTRA aircraft line up with Walter Extra as the guest speaker.

Tuesday, July 25
 8:30-9:45am          The Untold Adventures of Building and Flying the Christen Eagle II - Mark Ciaglia and Lynn Ojala
 10:00-11:15am       USA Team Aerobatics - Jim Bourke
 11:30-12:45pm       Basic Elements of Aerobatics - Dagmar Kress

Wednesday, July 26
 8:30-9:45am           Recreational and Beginning Aerobatics - Gordon Penner
 10:00-11:15am       Moving up! Transitioning from Decathlons to Extras - Michael Lents, UND
 11:30-12:45pm       The Possible Turn - Michael Church

Thursday, July 27
 8:30-9:45am           Picking the Best Acro Bird for You - Budd Davisson
 10:00-11:15am       The IAC and Recreational Aerobatics - Gerry Molidor
 11:30-12:45pm       EXTRA Aircraft -  Guest Speaker, Walter Extra

Friday, July 28
 8:30-9:45am           ANNUAL IAC MEMBERSHIP MEETING - Mike Heuer, IAC President
 10:00-11:15am       What to Expect at Your First Contest - Ron Schreck
 11:30-12:45pm       Your SA Bubble: Understanding your Flight Envelope - Billy Werth
 1:00pm-2:15pm      4 Keys to RC Aerobatics - Dave Scott


Get all the details about what is happening at Air Venture: https://www.iac.org/2017-air-venture-iac-exhibition