IAC to Create Membership Album with Harris Connect

As a result of requests from members, the International Aerobatic Club has partnered again with Harris Connect to create a 2016 membership album, a showcase of member stories and the sport's history. The last membership album was produced in 2000.

The album will list current IAC members and feature a member profile section in which folks can contribute stories and photographs to celebrate our sport and the impact it has had on their lives.

Members will receive a postcard in the mail and/or an email requesting a brief telephone call, which will ensure their listings are accurate and current. To be included in the 2016 membership album, members may call 1-866-216-4150, Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. ET.

No purchase is necessary to be included, and members are not required to provide any information they would prefer not to share. The information included in the book makes it possible for members to see who of their peers have similar interests, aviation careers, geography, etc., as part of a networking opportunity.

All books are custom ordered and not mass-produced. Sale prices begin at $79.99 for soft bound and $99.99 for hard bound, plus applicable shipping, handling, and state tax may apply. Book orders must be placed by May, 2, 2016. Members can order the book through the Harris Connect call center (1-866-216-4150). All books will be shipped in late August 2016.

For questions or concerns, please email pdeimersteineke [at] eaa.org (subject: Member%20Album%20Question%2FConcern) .