IAC Proposes Revision of Team Selection

This year, CIVA implements its new rules on "Free Known" programs for the World Advanced Aerobatic Championships in Poland and the World Glider Aerobatic Championships (Unlimited and Advanced) in Hungary. Selection of a US Unlimited Aerobatic Team (Power) and US Glider Aerobatic Teams (Advanced and Unlimited) will be carried out at this year's US National Aerobatic Championships in Sherman/Denison, Texas.

The IAC Board of Directors will be considering changes to the flight programs required to try out for the US Team. The Unlimited Team will compete at the WAC in 2017 which is scheduled to be held in South Africa. The Glider Teams will be competing in 2017 as well at a location yet to be determined.

Therefore, the Board is considering using a Free Known in the team selection categories at this year's Nationals and in the future since this is what our pilots will be expected to fly at World Championships. Currently, CIVA sanctions world competitions in Unlimited and Advanced (both power and glider).  The traditional Known and Free Programs would be dropped from the Nationals schedule of events. Free Unknowns would be flown as they have been in the past. The idea is to test pilots using the flight program format they will encounter at the world contests.

IAC policy requires a two-month member comment period on IAC Policy 504 which is the team selection procedures. That document is included below for download and review. We have also included Policy 503 and invite comments on it as well since it lays out the details regarding the team selection flight programs.

Comments should be addressed to the IAC Regional Director who represents your IAC region. The contact information for Directors can be found beginning at https://www.iac.org/legacy/iac-leadership. Member log-in is required.

In addition, comments should also be sent to iacrulescomments [at] gmail.com and these will be compiled for all the Directors and provided in agenda packets for the next IAC Board meeting in Oshkosh on 19-20 March 2016.

Deadline for comments is 14 March 2016.

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