Updated Policy & Procedure Manual is Now Available

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On April 15, 2013 IAC published proposed updates to P&P Section 504, dealing with team selection, and solicited member comments. The following changes were made in response to feedback received during the comment period:

  • “Power” added to Unlimited and Advanced Teams to differentiate from Glider.
  • At paragraph 2(c)(1)(c), “U.S.” added prior to “Unlimited Power Team”, and, pilots accepting these automatic team positions must so notify the IAC President in writing by January 1.
  • At paragraph 2(c)(1)(h) and (i), gender language simplified.
  • At paragraph 2(c)(3)(c), changed CIVA reference to

P&P Section 504 has been updated accordingly and is now officially adopted. You can view the complete P&P documents on the Leadership Page (member login required.)

Important: If you plan to fly for team selection at the upcoming U.S. Nationals, please review all 500-series P&P’s.