Board Establishes IAC Open Championship Title

At the Spring Director's meeting in San Carlos, the Board approved new aerobatic titles to be hosted each year by one Eastern U.S. and one Western U.S. Regional contest.  The titles are "IAC Open Champion East" and "IAC Open Champion West" for each category flown at the host contests.

This year the Wildwoods Acroblast will host the IAC Open East.  The IAC Open West will be determined shortly.  Look for your May issue of Sport Aerobatics to read details. 

IAC pilot competitors, the regional contests let you vie for local dominance.  The regional titles let you vie for regional dominance.  You can even dominate multiple regions with time, effort, and a healthy amount of piston pumping
fuel combustion.  Now you can dominate the East or the West (or both!) by attending the regionals hosting the IAC Open.  If you're getting that good (and you're a U.S. Citizen), run at the Nationals for the distinction of gaining the highest honor given to a pilot competitor by IAC, the title of U.S. National Champion.  

This year IAC Chapter 58 hosts Wildwoods Acroblast and IAC Open East at Wildwoods, Cape May County Airport (KWWD), near the Southern tip of New Jersey.

The AcroBlast is what it says, a blast, and fun for all of the family with scenic and historic places, beaches, boardwalks,
and great family entertainment within miles of the site. The site was a strong contender for hosting the 2013 WAC.  Come see why. Dates are Thursday, June 13 to Sunday, June 16.

As of writing now, right here on the heels of the BOD meeting hosting the IAC Open West is up for grabs.