Proposed revision of P&P 504: Selection of U.S. Aerobatic Teams

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On April 6, 2013 the IAC Board of Directors gave preliminary approval to revisions resulting in P&P 504, 15 June 2013, Revision 27, for the 2013 Contest Season. A two month member comment period is required prior to final acceptance by the Board, hence the proposed revision date. Comments may be made below (login required), or they may be made to your regional IAC Director.

A PDF file showing the marked-up changes is attached (login required.) A summary of revisions follows:

1. Provisions added for selection of U.S Advanced Glider Team. Tracks the procedures for Unlimited Glider team selection.

2. At the Fall Board Meeting in October of 2011, the Board accepted the Agreement Between The International Aerobatic Club, Inc. and the USA Advanced Aerobatic Team, Inc., which was signed by Presidents of both organizations on Sept. 25/26, 2011. This agreement is virtually identical to that between IAC and UAUSA for the Unlimited Power team. I incorporated a paragraph into proposed P&P 504 to reference P&P 307 and this letter of agreement.

3. At the request of the Contest Director, I determined prior to the 2012 U.S. Nationals that P&P 504 does not preclude non-U.S. Citizens from trying out for, and becoming a member, of one of the U.S. Teams. That being the case, a pilot’s eligibility would be governed by his/her eligibility to obtain an FAI Competition License from the National Aeronautic Association. Briefly, NAA’s eligibility requirement for issuance of a Sporting License is U.S. citizenship, OR be a resident alien residing in the U.S. more than 185 days each year for three consecutive years. The IAC Board of Directors accepted this language in a de-facto manner at the Fall 2012 Board meeting. The revised language of P&P 504 clarifies this.

4. Changed the number and composition of the U.S. Unlimited Power team to track CIVA rules, changing  the allowable number of pilots per Unlimited Power team from 10 to 12, and increasing the allowable number of pilots of either gender from 6 to 8.

5. Per Board of Directors decision at the Spring 2013 Board meeting, allow Glider team selection pilots to opt out of video recording. I set the default as “opt out”; by majority request they can opt in. (Note: Gliders have in fact opted out the past few years, according to Glider Chairman Klein Gilhousen.)

6. Throughout the P&P, I corrected formatting, grammar, and punctuation where obviously required.

We’ll appreciate comments.

Doug Sowder
President, IAC

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