2009 Aresti System Aerobatic Catalogs Available

Aresti Systems of Spain has announced the availability of the 2009 Aresti System Aerobatic Catalogs in Power and Glider versions. This year introduces a new, less expensive version of the catalog that is good for the 2009 year only. This catalog, referred to as the Anticrisis Catalog, and is available for $20. The Traditional Catalog is the notebook-style version, in which the pages are replaceable each year with revisions provided by Aresti Systems. The 2009 Traditional Catalog is available for $57 and the 2009 update for the Traditional Version only is $10 (not needed if you purchase either of the two 2009 catalogs). Both catalog versions are available in quantity discounts. The catalog may be ordered through the Aresti System website at http://www.arestisystem.com/english/store/books.htm.