IAC Announces New Sport Aerobatics Editor

Suzanne Chance, of Aurora, Colorado, (Greater Metro Denver area) is the new editor of Sport Aerobatics magazine, official publication of the International Aerobatic Club (IAC). She comes to the IAC with experience in aviation technical writing and editing, as well as a recently found love for aerobatic flight.

“I have been a writer/editor for 30 years, writing newspaper articles, copywriting marketing and press releases, serving as an acquisitions editor for a major reference book publisher, technical writing, a novelist, and many more things,” Chance said.

Chance was a journalist for a local newspaper and international buisness publications; wrote aviation online and textbook training manuals with Jeppesen; created software documentation and petroleum technical publications; and produced marketing and communications content for brochures, press releases, and websites. Chance was an acquisitions editor for a major reference book publisher with responsibility for originating topics; designing content; acquiring authors; and project editing. She has also published a novel with Avon Books and is on the Board of Directors for Jeppesen Employees Flight Association.

Chance has been flying for almost two years, and has been bitten by the aviation bug. By her own admission, she now has an insatiable appetite for flying and anything aviation-related. “The greatest thrill of my life was to solo on my 50th birthday,” she said.

Her first official aerobatic training flight was about a year ago. “My favorite maneuvers include accelerated cross-controlled spins with a strong pullout because I love Gs and wingovers,” Chance said. “My most desired-to-learn maneuvers are inverted flat spins and lomcevaks. When finances afford, I would like to start competing locally, and I’m sure round loops and staying inside the box even on a calm day will be enough of a challenge for me.”

Chance is a member of IAC Chapter 12, the Rocky Mountain Aerobatic Club. Her home airport is Centennial (KAPA), and she flies out of Rocky Mountain Metro (KBJC) for aerobatics.