US Team Announces Three New Members

Three new members have been added to the US Unlimited Team roster -- Zach Heffley, Alan Geringer and Charlie Wolff.

Zach Heffley is the newest member of the US Aerobatic Team that will be competing in the 2005 World Aerobatic Championships to be held this summer in Burgos, Spain. Zach finished 6th at the US Nationals making him the first alternate pilot should another team member be unable to attend. Chandy Clanton resigned from the Team to spend time with her two young children. A new rule allows Teams competing at the World Championships to have a maximum of 6 members of one gender, so the US will compete with 6 men and 4 women, with the addition of Zach.

Zach has more than 1200 flight hours and flies a Sukhoi 26. He set a personal goal when he was nine years old to earn a spot on the US Team. Zach is the second youngest person to make the team and the youngest person to earn a surface level air show waiver. Zach resides in Roanoak, TX where he is a corporate pilot. He is also a grammy-nominated trumpet player.

The Unlimited Team recently chose Alan Geringer of Selma, Ca as their Team Coach. Alan is perhaps most well know as an International Judge at the World Championships. He represented the United States for 7 years. Alan is also owner of the airport in Selma, CA, as well as an airframe and powerplant mechanic, pilot, and coach to numerous aerobatic pilots. Alan is a former aerobatic competitor turned National Judge who is almost guaranteed to be chosen by the prospective Team pilots at the US Nationals. He was a previous Unlimited Team Manager in 1988 and 1990. Alan said, “In order to do well at the WAC, the Team must work together. My job is to bring leadership and unity to the Team.”

Lastly, the US Team welcomes Charlie Wolff of Stuart, Florida as the Team Mechanic. Charlie is best known as the designer and manufacturer of the Velox, single- and two-place aerobatic aircraft. He is also a pilot with about 1500 hours and holds a single and multiengine rating, as well as an Instrument certificate. Charlie is a regular attendee of the Sebring, Florida contest where, despite his association with Hubie Tolson, he volunteered as the Team Mechanic for the trip to Burgos Spain.

The US Unlimited Team would like to thank Alan and Charlie for accepting these positions with the Team and would appreciate your support of them, and the rest of the Team, through a contribution. As a reminder, accounts have been set up at the International Aerobatic Club on behalf of the team and each individual member. You may make a tax-deductible donation to the team and/or one or more members individually. Make checks out to the International Aerobatic Club and on the memo line write Unlimited Team or the individual’s name. You can mail your check to:
Attn: Lisa Popp
P.O. Box 3086
Oshkosh, WI 54903-3086

Thank you in advance for your generous support. Go U.S. Aerobatic Team! Bring back the gold.