Nationals 2017 - Sponsors

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The Oshkosh Convention & Visitors Bureau (OCVB) is a private, not-for-profit organization, funded solely through room tax dollars from Oshkosh hotels. Its mission is to promote Oshkosh, Wisconsin’s Event City and Winnebago County as a premier destination for corporate, sports and leisure groups and individual visitors.



Oregon Aero® was founded in 1989 with one product (a headset cushion) and one objective — to make flying more comfortable. And as advanced and complex as Oregon Aero’s product engineering, craftsmanship and expertise have become since then, they’re still the folks who take away the pain.

Their passion is to create innovative, effective solutions to problems that arise when the human body interfaces with manufactured hardware. There’s more to solving these problems than meets the eye. For example, making seats is one thing. But enabling you to sit comfortably is another. We can do both.



Silver Sponsors

IAC 77  The Oregonauts - Whether you fly competition, are an aerobatic enthusiast or simply enjoy airplanes and aviation, you are welcome to attend events and join the Chapter. This is a group of aerobatics enthusiasts, competitors, and pilots who get together with like minded people to share ideas, skills and techniques, critique constructively, promote and enhance safety and have a lot of fun doing so.


Jerry and Peggy Riedinger. Jerry and Peggy are IAC members from the state of Washington, IAC67. Jerry flies as a competition pilot in the Advanced Category and Peggy is a National and Interational aerobatic Judge.




Bronze Sponsors


Discover how your aircraft can be improved by Dell Aero Speed.  Dell is the quintessential "airport kid" with a WWII Spitfire pilot as a grandfather ad a tower controller and long time pilot as a dad. Also having an interest in all things mechanical Dell combined this with his love of aviation and began building and restoring several aircraft. His aircraft building experience as well as progressing aerobatic proficency came and are reflected in his designs. Dell is a strong believer in "lighter is better", he applied all the lessons learned in his second One Design and achieved similar if not superior performance with an aircraft with 30% less horsepower (and less fuel consumption. Dell was a successfull buisness jet pilot, who has left that world behind to focus his energy and skills to aircraft improvements and custom builts.


MGL Avionics’ mission is to provide top-performing flight instrumentation at all levels at affordable prices, with the express aim of helping to lower the overall cost of aircraft ownership and private flight. In the North America, their dedicated team has been distributing MGL Avionics products since the beginning. In business since 2000 as Rainbow Aircraft, Inc (dba MGL Avionics) in California, they strive to offer the best service and support of all MGL Avionics products.



Like most children, Yuichi dreamed of flying in the freedom of the sky. Born November, 1971 and raised in Japan, he moved to the U.S. in search of a new challenge and dream of being an aviator. Yuichi made his first flight in 1992 and has accumulated over 6000 hours as an aerobatic flight instructor, traffic watch pilot, cargo pilot and glider pilot. He is an unlimited category competitor, and is currently the only Asian Air Show Performer in the United States.


Gordon and Lorrie Penner. Gordon and Lorrie are IAC members from the state of Ohio, IAC34. Gordon is a Captain in the Boeing 767 flying for a cargo carrier, is a Master CFI-A and a FAA Gold Seal instructor. Lorrie is licensed as a private pilot and is the current IAC Executive Director.





Ron Schreck.  Ron lives in North Carolina and flies his RV-8 "Miss Izzzy" in IAC competition in the Sportsman Category. He is currently IAC's Northeast Region Director.




Michael Church. Michael is an IAC member from California. He founded Sunrise Aviation and is a nationally respected flight training authority, honored by the FAA as Safety Counsel of the Year. He has also been recognized as a Master Flight instructor and Master Aerobatic flight instructor. He has logged more that 11,000 hours of flight instruction.


Tom Rhodes. Tom is an active member, pilot and contest judge of the International Aerobatic Club. Tom has numerous IAC awards including second place trophies at the U.S. National Aerobatic Championships; Intermediate and Sportsman categories.



Gerry Molidor. Gerry is from Illinois and is the chair of the IAC Glider Aerobatics program as well as the Mid America Region Director. Though well known in IAC circles as a former President of IAC, Gerry also served on the gold medal winning Advanced Team in 1997 and currently flies both gliders and a Sukhoi 29.





A.J. Hefel. A.J. is a charter member of IAC119, the Air Capital Eagles, in Wichita, KS. He flies his Laser at IAC competitions in the Advanced catergory. He is also an aerobatic judge and the current South Central Region Director.