The Goodrich Trophy


The trophy was conceived and donated by B.F. Goodrich Aerospace in 1996 and first awarded in 1997.


The trophy is awarded to the highest-placing non-U.S. citizen by order of category at the U.S. National Aerobatic Championships, beginning with the Unlimited category and progressing downward to the Sportsman category.

(Prior to 2000, the trophy was presented to the highest-placing Unlimited category non-U.S. citizen at the U.S. Nationals.)


The name of the recipient is provided the Contest Director by the Scoring Director after the contest is completed. The recipient’s plaque is ordered by the Executive Director along with the other trophies for the U.S. Nationals. No name is inscribed.

Recipient trophies are funded by B.F. Goodrich Aerospace and consist of a laser cut plaque with a photograph of the permanent trophy set in the plaque. The master trophy remains on display at the IAC pavilion in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. The plaque is presented at the U.S. National Aerobatic Championships annual awards banquet.


1997 – Sergei Boriak (Kazakhstan)

1998 – (not awarded)

1999 – (not awarded)

2000 – (not awarded)

2001 – Doug Jardine (Canada)

2002 – Elena Klimovich (Russia)

2003 – Michael Golan (Israel)

2004 – Jason Newberg (Canada)

2005 – Ann Marie Smith (Canada)

2006 – Pete McLeod (Canada)

2007 – Matt Hall (Australia)

2008 – Doug Jardine (Canada)

2009 – Gerrit Nijs (Luxembourg)

2010 – Sergey Prolagayev (Ukraine)

2011 – Sergey Prolagayev (Ukraine)

2012 – Francis Barros (Brazil)

2013 - Robert Noonan (Australia)

2014 - Mario Mena (Guatemala)

2015 - Lukas von Atzigen (Switzerland)

2016 - Luke Penner (Canada)

2017 - Andy Ernewein (Canada)

2018 - Larry Ernewein (Canada)