Les Horvath


Conceived and donated by Bob Kupps, of California (a member of the 1989 U.S. Glider Team), in honor of Les Horvath. Les Horvath of Arizona was a former member of the U. S. Glider Aerobatic Team and a pioneer in glider aerobatics in the United States. The trophy was first presented by the Sailplane Aerobatics Association and was donated to the IAC when the SAA merged with the IAC.


Up until 1992, the trophy was presented to the winner of the Unknown program (of any category in terms of percentage of possible points achieved) at the U. S. National Glider Aerobatic Championships. In that year, the IAC Board of Directors elected to present the trophy to the winner of the Unlimited category at the U. S. National Glider Aerobatic Championships and the holder of the title of U. S. National Glider Aerobatic Champion.


The name of the recipient is provided the Contest Director by the Scoring Director after the contest is completed. The recipient's plaque is ordered by the Executive Director along with the other trophies for the Glider Nationals. No name is inscribed.


Recipient trophies are funded by the IAC and consist of a laser cut plaque with a photograph of the permanent trophy set in the plaque. The master trophy remains on display at the IAC pavilion in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. The plaque is presented at the U. S. National Glider Aerobatic Championships annual awards banquet.

Notes: Records are not available for the years preceding the IAC's assuming control of the U. S. National Glider Aerobatic Championships. Therefore, only the winners for 1992 and after are included.


1992 - Charles Kalko

1993 - Steve Coan

1994 - Gary Gillmore

1995 - Ken Hadden

1996 - Ken Hadden

1997 - Ken Hadden

1998 - Bill Lumley

1999 - John Lumley

2000 - Kim Reniska

2001 - John Lumley

2002 - John Lumley

2003 - Charles Kalko

2004 - N/A

2005 – N/A

2006 – Jason Stephens


2007 – Jason Stephens

2008 – Jason Stephens

2009 – Paul Jennings

2010 – Not Flown

2011 – Not Flown

2012 - Jason Stephens

2013 - Jason Stephens

2014 - Not Flown

2015 - Eric Lentz-Gauthier

2016 - Eric Lentz-Gauthier

2017 - Not Flown

2018 - Not Flown

2019 - Not Flown

2020 - Not Flown