Keith Allan Memorial Trophy

Keith Allan Memorial Trophy


The trophy was conceived by Carol Allan.  Her husband, Keith Allan, was competing in the Unlimited category and one of his favorite flight programs was the Four Minute Free.  Keith had begun his contest career in 1973 and was a member of IAC Chapter 24 in Dallas/Ft. Worth.  He was killed in an accident in his Pitts in 1981.

Awarded to the first place winner of the Four Minute Free Program in the Unlimited category at the IAC Championships.

The name of the recipient is provided the Contest Director by the Scoring Director after the contest is completed. The recipient's plaque is ordered by the Executive Director along with the other trophies for the IAC Championships. No name is inscribed.

Recipient trophies are funded by IAC and consist of a laser cut plaque with a photograph of the permanent trophy set in the plaque. The master trophy remains on display at the IAC Pavilion in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. The plaque is presented at the IAC Championships annual awards banquet in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin each year.



1983 Kermit Weeks
1984 Clint McHenry
1985 Henry Haigh
1986 -----
1987 -----
1988 Lee Manelski
1989 Mike Anderson
1990 Rick Massegee
1991 Peter Anderson 

1992 Rick Massegee
1993 ----- 
1994 ----- 
1995 ----- 
1996 Eric Haagenson 
1997 Not Flown 
1998 Robert Armstrong
1999 Not Flown

2000 Tom Wade