Hall of Fame Petition Guidelines

Petition Guidelines

  • Anyone can nominate anyone, at any time, for any reason.
  • The Hall of Fame selection criteria, "a significant contribution to aerobatics", is broad enough to apply to anyone, including pilots, as well as competitors, designers, volunteers, etc.
  • Nominations must be received prior to February 1st for consideration during that calendar year voting process.
  • Nominations must be submitted on the approved nominating petition.
  • Up to twelve single sides of 8 ½ x 11-inch paper may accompany the petition to further document the aerobatic contributions of the nominee. It is strongly suggested that this option be fully utilized. The committee will evaluate the candidacy of the nominee, relative to other nominees, using the petition and accompanying documentation. The committee is not required to do independent research regarding any nominee. A well-documented petition is the most important thing you can do in support of your nominee.
  • Please do not send priceless or irreplaceable documentation (photos, etc). If these are necessary to support the petition, please make eight "first-level" copies of such documentation.
  • The committee does not return material used in the petitioning and balloting process. Once selected, materials used for the induction ceremonies will be returned as requested.
  • Please sign and date your petition.
  • It is recommended that original copies of the petition and accompanying support documentation be sent via US Mail. If you wish receipt of your petition acknowledged, please include a self-addressed and stamped envelope.
  • Nominations remain open for selection for 10 consecutive years. Re-nominations reset the 10-year cycle.
  • Of the seven members of the selection committee, four must vote affirmatively for a nominee to be recommended to the IAC board of directors for induction into the Hall of Fame. This board retains overall control of the Hall of Fame.
  • Nominating petitions are submitted using an online form. Click here to begin.