2005 Approved Rule Changes

IAC Year 2005 Approved Rule Changes





Old Rule

New Proposed Rule

Submitter's Rationale


B. Freelove

Allow Quarter-Clover figures in Sportsman power sequences.

5.1.10 Use of the Quarter-Clover will be allowed only in the Glider Sportsman and Glider Intermediate categories.

5.1.10 Use of the Quarter-Clover will be allowed only in the Sportsman (Glider and Power) and Glider Intermediate categories.

Making the Quarter-Clover (0.1 and 0.2) figures available for Sportsman power Known and Free sequence design will provide much needed flexibility to the current, very limited, options for transitioning to and from the Y axis.


DJ Molny

Requires a copy of all Free programs to be posted at a contest for peer review.


1.10 (k) Posting one copy of each Free Program (Forms A, B, and C) in an area accessible by all competitors. The Free Programs shall be made available in sufficient time to allow for review prior to the start of the first Free Program flight. Competitors shall be responsible for providing the extra copies necessary.

Today, competitors are not offered access to one another's Free Programs, therefore it can be difficult to assess compliance with current year rules. This rule guarantees that access and provides sufficient time to file any protests that may result, at the cost of a very minimal increase in the Registrar's workload.