In the Loop - Texas Championship Series Results

Texas 2-Step and 2023 Texas Championship Series Results
The middle of October is apparently the ideal time to hold an aerobatic contest in Edna, Texas.  If you don’t mind temperatures in the 90s that is.  Nine intrepid pilots and multiple non-flying volunteers made for a fun weekend of aerobatics!

Scott Beadle again dominated Primary in his 118 HP Citabria with a very respectable 76.44% after three flights.

Sportsman was close throughout.  In the end, less than 10 points (out of over 3300!) separated first and second place!

First place was Bo Kalabus with 84.74%.  Andrea McGilvray took second with 84.44%.  Third was Loren May at 80.88%.  That’s an Eagle, a Pitts S-1C and another Eagle on the podium.

Intermediate was won by Doug Jenkins with 85.27%.  Todd Nelson was second with 78.99%.  John Farrington was close on Todd’s heels at 77.74%.  So Intermediate put a Pitts S-1E, a Skybolt and a Super D on the podium.

This was a true grass roots contest!

As with most of our Texas contests, we needed many non-flying volunteers to make it happen.  Janet Fitzke handled registration and scoring.  Jeff Poehlmann Chief Judged and served as a Scoring Judge as well.  John Harlan was a Scoring Judge.  Chrissy Jenkins was a Scoring Judge.  Stephanie Vidrine showed up to assistant judge.  Denny Beacham took care of the trophies, t-shirts and he and his family marked the box the weekend prior to the contest.  Rick and Kim McClure, who manage the airport, were our gracious hosts and fed us a wonderful BBQ dinner on Friday evening.  Thanks to every one of these folks for making this contest possible.

Because we had the Edna contest, this year’s Texas Championship Series included a full slate of three events: the Lone Star Aerobatic Championships, Hammers Over Hondo and the Texas 2-Step.  All three Texas Chapters put on great contests and a lot of fun flying happened this year.  

When the Texas dust settled the highest scoring pilots who flew at all three Texas contests were…


Lone Star

Over Hondo

Texas 2-Step







1. Scott Beadle










1. Andrea McGilvray
2. Keith Gyger





1. Doug Jenkins
2. John Farrington





Congratulations to all these pilots for a great season.  Let’s do it again next year!

The results of this contest also impacted the Regional Series for the IAC South-Central Region, giving several pilots the third contest they needed to qualify.

Scott Beadle (Chapter 24) moved into second in Primary in the region with a three-contest average of 74.19%. 

Andrea McGilvray (Chapter 107) moved into second place in Sportsman with a three-contest average of 81.51%. She narrowly passed Jaret Burgess (Chapter 24) who averaged 80.92% and finished third in the region.

Keith Gyger (Chapter 24) also qualified, placing sixth with a 78.14% average for the season.
In Intermediate Doug Jenkins (Chapter 107) finished in first in the Region with a season average of 85.47%.

John Farrington (Chapter 107) climbed to third in the region for the season with a 68.58% score.
Congratulations to all the Texas pilots who qualified for the IAC regional series.  Well done!