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Expanded Envelope Exercises (E3)

Almost Aerobatics for Normal Category Aircraft

By Ed Wischmeyer, PHD, ATP/CFII

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Expanded Envelope Exercises (E3) made the finals of EAA Founder's Innovation Prize contest. E3 was very well receive by the two CFI organizatoin, at three seminar presentations, by four universities and flight schools, and by five potential sponsors at 2021 EAA Airventure. On the other hand, the judges at the EAA Founder's Innovation Prize competition did not appreciate the E3 vision, and awarded the top three prized to hardware devices.

What's next for saving lives with E3? I view E3 development at this stage as like a startup company about to go public. There is a need for marketing, letting the public know that E3 is something they'd really wnat if they knew about it. A need for disctribution through CFIs across the country who can teach E3 and the skill set to get E3 into common practice.

I'm working to get a team together to accomplish these three E3 goals. Any help, suggestions and referrals towards these three goals would be much appreciated.

Ed Wischmeyer, Ph.D., ATP/CFII