How to Host a Judges School

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The quality of judging in competition aerobatics is a topic that is frequently debated in our sport. One of the ways we can cultivate high quality judging is through better training. Improvements in Judges School curriculum and presentation are the responsibility of Judges School Program Chairman.  Supporting the Chairman are a number of volunteer Judges School Instructors spread across IAC's regions.  The web page for requesting the scheduling of a Judges School has a drop down list of these volunteers.  Many of these volunteers donate their time to travel to present Judges Schools at multiple locations, so that no chapter need have a shortage of Judges for their contest(s). Every IAC Chapter is encouraged to consider hosting a Judges School each year if practical, and at least a school every two years.

There are several IAC Chapters across the country and even internationally that routinely organize annual Judges Schools.   If your chapter is not able to host a school, you should be able to find a school not far away.

Most schools are scheduled in the late winter or spring so that attendees are ready for the contest season.  This is not a requirement and a school may be scheduled at any time of the year that a chapter has enough interest.  Typically a school needs to have 10 individuals commit to attend in order to cover the costs of the instructor travel and lodging, classroom, etc.


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