Good News! - By Doug McConnell, IAC Vice President, Chair of Membership Development

Yes, it’s really nice to have some good news to share! Our good news is that the International Aerobatic Club’s total membership is once again enjoying steady growth! Here’s hoping that we all go out of our way to offer a big welcome to these new members and to help guide them into the many IAC chapter activities and special events planned for 2015! It’s going to be a great year!

The membership equation: Chapter involvement (meeting new friends) creates exciting new experiences, which bring real personal enjoyment, resulting in positive member retention and overall IAC growth! Hey, it’s working!

For those who have not been monitoring this situation, several recent factors (such as a rise in the costs of aviation equipment and supplies, along with the recent recession) have caused the IAC to slowly lose some members. But now, with the recession over and the price of gas at a recent historical low, sport aviation activity and interest are booming once again! As an example, the attendance during last summer’s EAA AirVenture Oshkosh was huge…maybe an all-time record setter! And this year is shaping up to be as strong as any in the past!

You may recognize the IAC Wings shown above. These wings (with our prior logo*) were introduced two years ago as a way to say thank you to current IAC members who bring in a new member. This program is still ongoing, and the revitalized sport aviation activity of 2015 will be a good year to earn your very own set of these IAC Wings. All you have to do is get a friend to give us a try!

But (as they say on TV), there’s more! You also receive 50 percent off your own IAC membership! These wings were introduced as “IAC Takes Flight” to signify how every member can make a significant contribution to IAC’s growth (Flight) by getting a new member. And this can happen every year if you wish – not another set of wings but even better, another 50 percent discount! Just think, if every member would get a friend to join the IAC, our organization would double in size in a very short time!

Here’s a chance to earn your wings, even if you’re not a pilot. We all know how hard Clarence had to work to earn his wings in the film “It’s A Wonderful Life,” but for us it’s easy; just get a friend to give the IAC a try! Remember, a new member also gets a 50 percent discount during the first year, so the amount of selling you need to do is really minimized!

With sport aviation back on the rise, now is the time to “make the ask”! Your beautiful IAC Wings (and your 50 percent discount) will be a wonderful reminder of how you made a significant contribution toward rebuilding the IAC and assuring its future. Good luck and good flying!

*Please note: Once our limited stock of (collector item) wings featuring our past logo is exhausted, the new logo (shown above) will automatically ship.