Camiguin Aviation


Lumad Tower, Airport, Mambajao, Camiguin, 9100, Philippines

Contact Person: 

Nevhan Hayag


+63 918 4964888




2008 ACA Super Decathlon 8KCAB


Advanced Flight Maneuvers (Upset & Unusual Attitude Recovery, Spin Training, Aerobatics)


RPMH - Camiguin, Philippines


Sean Clarke


This is what we specialize in, and we are good at it. We offer a package that melds expert aerobatic training with a dream vacation on a tropical island paradise. Training is customized to each participant. Our approach throughout is to focus on aspects of the AoA (Angle of Attack) and how that relates to aerobatic flight. You will learn key concepts such as 'flying-by-feel' or 'just letting go of the controls to gain control'. In general, we start with Simple Aileron Rolls to build your confidence. They are easy and so much fun! Next, we get into the basics: stalls, spins and creating lift while flying sideways ... yup, that's possible (aka 'Knife Edge'). Loop maneuvers follow (Immelman, Cuban 8's, etc.) with the Hammerhead and Slow/Hesitation Rolls not far behind. We also get into more advanced stuff like Avalanches, Rolling Turns, Camiguin Crazy 8's ... it's all up to you. Please check out our many videos on