International Aerobatics Day!



The IAC announces this year’s International Aerobatics Day on Saturday, June 25, which builds on the success of the inaugural National Aerobatics Day in 2021.

IAC members and chapters throughout the country will highlight the year-round activities of aerobatic pilots, in particular, the competitions where these pilots extend their aviation capabilities.

Among the planned events with local IAC chapters are open houses, community days, practice days, presentations, static displays and barbecues, and even aerobatic competitions. All of the events welcome not only fellow aviators, but local residents who will discover more about aerobatic flying and their local airport activity.

Many IAC chapters in are in the process of confirming their plans. As of 5-25-22 below are the chapters that have confirmed activities will be held on June 25. Check back for updates.

  • Chapter One - Cookout and Practice Day, Dekalb, Illinois (KDKB) Event LINK
  • IAC 3 - Meet and Greet, Williamson, Georgia (GA2) :  Event LINK
  • IAC 15 - Harold Neumann Barnstormer Contest, Ottawa, Kansas  Contest Listing
  • IAC 26 - Static Display, Practice and presentation, Lancaster, CA (KWJF)  Event Link
  • IAC 34 - BBQ and Practice Day, Bellfontaine, Ohio (KEDJ) :  Event LINK
  • IAC 35 - BBQ and Practice Day, Concord, New Hampshire (KCON)   Event Link
  • IAC 52 - Aerobatic Critique and Decathlon Rides, Toms River, NJ (KJMX)  Event Link
  • IAC 58 -  Practice, Critique and a hangar party, Tunkhannock, PA (76N) Event Link
  • IAC 67 - Practice Day and training, Port Angeles, WA (KCLM) Event Link
  • IAC 88 - Practice Day, presentations and Static Display plus Door Prizes!, Romeo State Airport, Michigan (D98) Event Link


Dates and Times: 

Saturday, June 25, 2022 - 08:00 to 17:00

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