2017 Nationals Videos

Here is the official contest video for every flight of every competitor in the 2017 U.S. National Aerobatic Championships. Thanks to Forrest Fox Productions for the videography and editing.

Pilot Video File
Aaron McCartan IAC17.10013
Aaron McCartan IAC17.14028
Aaron McCartan IAC17.40016
Aaron McCartan IAC17.80019
Adam Cope IAC17.16018
Adam Cope IAC17.17000
Adam Cope IAC17.17001
Adam Cope IAC17.60012
Adam Cope IAC17.60013
Adam Cope IAC17.90002
Adam Messenheimer IAC17.10019
Adam Messenheimer IAC17.13011
Adam Messenheimer IAC17.13012
Adam Messenheimer IAC17.60017
AJ Wilder IAC17.00012
AJ Wilder IAC17.15011
AJ Wilder IAC17.40002
AJ Wilder IAC17.80030
Alain Aguayo IAC17.00008
Alain Aguayo IAC17.16000
Alain Aguayo IAC17.16001
Alain Aguayo IAC17.40012
Alain Aguayo IAC17.40013
Alain Aguayo IAC17.80031
Alain Aguayo IAC17.80032
Alain Aguayo IAC17.80033
Alex Hunt IAC17.12013
Alex Hunt IAC17.20008
Alex Hunt IAC17.80003
Alex Tally IAC17.10024
Alex Tally IAC17.12019
Alex Tally IAC17.12020
Alex Tally IAC17.60014
Alex Tally IAC17.60015
Andy Emewein IAC17.10005
Andy Emewein IAC17.15007
Andy Emewein IAC17.40003
Andy Emewein IAC17.80006
Angelo Cillaroto IAC17.00020
Angelo Cillaroto IAC17.14026
Angelo Cillaroto IAC17.14027
Angelo Cillaroto IAC17.30014
Angelo Cillaroto IAC17.80018
Antonio Davilla IAC17.12001
Antonio Davilla IAC17.13021
Antonio Davilla IAC17.13022
Antonio Davilla IAC17.50010
Arturo Landaure IAC17.10022
Arturo Landaure IAC17.13000
Arturo Landaure IAC17.70019
Benjamin Hook IAC17.11005
Benjamin Hook IAC17.14000
Benjamin Hook IAC17.50003
Bill Gordon IAC17.11008
Bill Gordon IAC17.14003
Bill Gordon IAC17.40018
Brent Smith IAC17.00018
Brent Smith IAC17.14024
Brent Smith IAC17.14025
Brent Smith IAC17.30017
Brent Smith IAC17.80022
Cameron Grossi IAC17.13015
Cameron Grossi IAC17.20006
Cameron Grossi IAC17.70008
Charles Sikes IAC17.10025
Charles Sikes IAC17.10026
Charles Sikes IAC17.12014
Charles Sikes IAC17.70013
Charles Sikes IAC17.70014
Christopher Combs IAC17.10009
Christopher Combs IAC17.10011
Christopher Combs IAC17.40011
Christopher Combs IAC17.80034
Christopher Magon IAC17.10004
Christopher Magon IAC17.15010
Christopher Magon IAC17.30000
Christopher Magon IAC17.80020
Cody Donald IAC17.13014
Cody Donald IAC17.20009
Cody Donald IAC17.70021
Cory Johnson IAC17.11015
Cory Johnson IAC17.13024
Cory Johnson IAC17.50006
Craig Gifford IAC17.16015
Craig Gifford IAC17.17016
Craig Gifford IAC17.60011
Craig Gifford IAC17.90009
David Lutes IAC17.13006
David Lutes IAC17.20000
David Lutes IAC17.80001
David Prather IAC17.11012
David Prather IAC17.13026
David Prather IAC17.50015
David Scott IAC17.10007
David Scott IAC17.40009
David Scott IAC17.80010
David Scott IAC17.80011
David Taylor IAC17.00017
David Taylor IAC17.16007
David Taylor IAC17.16008
David Taylor IAC17.30008
David Taylor IAC17.80009
David Underwood IAC17.11018
David Underwood IAC17.14006
David Underwood IAC17.50016
Dennis Flamini IAC17.12012
Dennis Flamini IAC17.20014
Dennis Flamini IAC17.70015
Dick Fennell IAC17.10000
Dick Fennell IAC17.10001
Dick Fennell IAC17.16004
Dick Fennell IAC17.40000
Dick Fennell IAC17.40001
Dick Fennell IAC17.80004
Dustin Lenz IAC17.12024
Dustin Lenz IAC17.20018
Dustin Lenz IAC17.70011
Elise Wheelock IAC17.13017
Elise Wheelock IAC17.20013
Elise Wheelock IAC17.70018
Elizabeth Birch IAC17.13009
Elizabeth Birch IAC17.20002
Elizabeth Birch IAC17.20003
Elizabeth Birch IAC17.70023
Foster Bachschmidt IAC17.16014
Foster Bachschmidt IAC17.17017
Foster Bachschmidt IAC17.60010
Foster Bachschmidt IAC17.90010
Galen Killam IAC17.12008
Galen Killam IAC17.20024
Garrett Patnode IAC17.12017
Garrett Patnode IAC17.12023
Garrett Patnode IAC17.20004
Garrett Patnode IAC17.70006
Gerald Molidor IAC17.10003
Gerald Molidor IAC17.30010
Gerald Molidor IAC17.80005
Giles Henderson IAC17.12022
Giles Henderson IAC17.20011
Giles Henderson IAC17.70026
Goody Thomas IAC17.16016
Goody Thomas IAC17.17012
Goody Thomas IAC17.17013
Goody Thomas IAC17.60001
Goody Thomas IAC17.90012
Grant Nielsen IAC17.00022
Grant Nielsen IAC17.15005
Grant Nielsen IAC17.30001
Grant Nielsen IAC17.80027
Greg Stringer IAC17.10020
Greg Stringer IAC17.10021
Greg Stringer IAC17.13003
Greg Stringer IAC17.70004
Gregory Aldrich IAC17.00011
Hugo Ritzenthaler IAC17.60003
Hugo Ritzenthaler IAC17.90011
Jacob Gitchens IAC17.12007
Jacob Gitchens IAC17.20025
Jacob Gitchens IAC17.70007
James Jacobson IAC17.11017
James Jacobson IAC17.13019
James Jacobson IAC17.13020
James Jacobson IAC17.50000
Jarrett Croy IAC17.13005
Jarrett Croy IAC17.20021
Jarrett Croy IAC17.80000
Jason Flood IAC17.10012
Jason Flood IAC17.16003
Jason Flood IAC17.18001
Jason Flood IAC17.30002
Jason Flood IAC17.80014
Jason Noll IAC17.12021
Jason Noll IAC17.20019
Jason Noll IAC17.60019
Jeff Batzer IAC17.13007
Jeff Batzer IAC17.20020
Jeff Batzer IAC17.80002
Jeffery Petrocelli IAC17.15013
Jeffery Petrocelli IAC17.40010
Jeffery Petrocelli IAC17.80035
Jeffery Petrocelli IAC17.80036
Jeffrey Petrocelli IAC17.00028
Jeffrey Petrocelli IAC17.00029
Jim Bourke IAC17.16012
Jim Bourke IAC17.16013
Jim Bourke IAC17.17018
Jim Bourke IAC17.60005
Jim Bourke IAC17.90004
John Shavinsky IAC17.20010
John Shavinsky IAC17.70024
John Shavinsky IAC17.70025
John Wacker IAC17.00016
John Wacker IAC17.15006
John Wacker IAC17.40007
John Wacker IAC17.80037
Jon Clegg IAC17.13010
Jon Clegg IAC17.20012
Jon Clegg IAC17.70005
Joshua Holden IAC17.12000
Joshua Holden IAC17.13023
Joshua Holden IAC17.50001
Joshua Holden IAC17.50002
Justin Hickson IAC17.12004
Justin Hickson IAC17.14012
Justin Hickson IAC17.50013
Kaitlyn Brown IAC17.11020
Kaitlyn Brown IAC17.14013
Kaitlyn Brown IAC17.50008
Kaitlyn Brown IAC17.50009
Kevin Elizondo IAC17.11019
Kevin Elizondo IAC17.14016
Kevin Elizondo IAC17.14017
Kevin Elizondo IAC17.50004
Krysta Paradis IAC17.16009
Krysta Paradis IAC17.16010
Krysta Paradis IAC17.16011
Krysta Paradis IAC17.60002
Krysta Paradis IAC17.90008
Kyle Smith IAC17.11007
Kyle Smith IAC17.13027
Kyle Smith IAC17.50014
Kyle Vonnhamen IAC17.10023
Kyle Vonnhamen IAC17.12015
Kyle Vonnhamen IAC17.70012
Larry Ernewein IAC17.13016
Larry Ernewein IAC17.20005
Larry Ernewein IAC17.70022
Larry Macon IAC17.11001
Larry Macon IAC17.11002
Larry Macon IAC17.14007
Larry Macon IAC17.50018
Laura Radigan IAC17.13008
Laura Radigan IAC17.20017
Laura Radigan IAC17.70000
Luke Penner IAC17.11000
Luke Penner IAC17.14001
Luke Penner IAC17.14002
Luke Penner IAC17.50005
Maeve Daw IAC17.13002
Maeve Daw IAC17.20001
Maeve Daw IAC17.60018
Mario Mena Marqua IAC17.00021
Mario Mena Marqua IAC17.15000
Mario Mena Marqua IAC17.15001
Mario Mena Marqua IAC17.30006
Mario Mena Marqua IAC17.80008
Mark Budd Jr IAC17.11021
Mark Budd Jr IAC17.13028
Mark Budd Jr IAC17.50011
Mark Budd Sr IAC17.11011
Mark Budd Sr IAC17.14010
Mark Budd Sr IAC17.40019
Mark Fullerton IAC17.10014
Mark Fullerton IAC17.15004
Mark Fullerton IAC17.40006
Mark Fullerton IAC17.80013
Marty Flourney IAC17.30003
Marty Flournoy IAC17.00015
Marty Flournoy IAC17.16002
Marty Flournoy IAC17.80012
Mathew Dunfee IAC17.30013
Mathew Dunfee IAC17.80026
Mathieu Barbin IAC17.11006
Mathieu Barbin IAC17.14008
Mathieu Barbin IAC17.14009
Mathieu Barbin IAC17.50019
Matt Correa IAC17.12003
Matt Correa IAC17.14011
Matt Correa IAC17.50007
Matthew Dunfee IAC17.00027
Matthew Dunfee IAC17.15014
Merrick Isley IAC17.11016
Merrick Isley IAC17.14005
Merrick Isley IAC17.40020
Michael Forney IAC17.00019
Michael Forney IAC17.15009
Michael Forney IAC17.30007
Michael Forney IAC17.80007
Michael Lents IAC17.00006
Michael Lents IAC17.15003
Michael Lents IAC17.40015
Michael Lents IAC17.80017
Michael Tryggvason IAC17.10015
Michael Tryggvason IAC17.15008
Michael Tryggvason IAC17.30004
Michael Tryggvason IAC17.80024
Michael Tryggvason IAC17.80025
Mitchell Oswald IAC17.10017
Mitchell Oswald IAC17.12011
Mitchell Oswald IAC17.70002
Nicholas Cottrell IAC17.10006
Nicholas Cottrell IAC17.40005
Nicholas Cottrell IAC17.80023
Pablo Branco IAC17.12016
Pablo Branco IAC17.20022
Pablo Branco IAC17.70003
Paul Funk IAC17.12009
Paul Funk IAC17.20015
Paul Funk IAC17.70010
Peter Gelinas IAC17.00014
Peter Gelinas IAC17.30012
Peter Gelinas IAC17.90001
Rob Holland IAC17.17007
Rob Holland IAC17.17008
Rob Holland IAC17.18002
Rob Holland IAC17.60008
Rob Holland IAC17.90005
Robbie Gibbs IAC17.17002
Robbie Gibbs IAC17.17003
Robbie Gibbs IAC17.17004
Robbie Gibbs IAC17.17005
Robbie Gibbs IAC17.17019
Robbie Gibbs IAC17.60004
Robbie Gibbs IAC17.90006
Robert Armstrong IAC17.17006
Robert Armstrong IAC17.17015
Robert Armstrong IAC17.60009
Robert Armstrong IAC17.90007
Sasa Marvin IAC17.00023
Sasa Marvin IAC17.17011
Sasa Marvin IAC17.30016
Sasa Marvin IAC17.80016
Shaun Brautigan IAC17.13001
Shaun Brautigan IAC17.20023
Shaun Brautigan IAC17.70017
Shaun Brautigan IAC17.70020
Stanley Moye IAC17.00025
Stanley Moye IAC17.00026
Stanley Moye IAC17.15012
Stanley Moye IAC17.30011
Stanley Moye IAC17.80028
Stanley Moye IAC17.80029
Stephen Fiegel IAC17.12002
Stephen Fiegel IAC17.13018
Stephen Fiegel IAC17.14018
Stephen Fiegel IAC17.40021
Tom Rhodes IAC17.11010
Tom Rhodes IAC17.14019
Tom Rhodes IAC17.50017
Vincent Sabin IAC17.13004
Vincent Sabin IAC17.20007
Vincent Sabin IAC17.70009
Weston Liu IAC17.11003
Weston Liu IAC17.11004
Weston Liu IAC17.14004
Weston Liu IAC17.40017
William Ludwig IAC17.11013
William Ludwig IAC17.11014
William Ludwig IAC17.14014
William Ludwig IAC17.14020
William Ludwig IAC17.50012
Yuichi Takagi IAC17.17009
Yuichi Takagi IAC17.17010
Yuichi Takagi IAC17.18000
Yuichi Takagi IAC17.60006
Yuichi Takagi IAC17.90003