2017 Judges Revalidation & Currency Exam Is Online

The 2017 IAC Judges Revalidation and Currency Exam is now available on the Programs->Judges->Exams web page.  Passing the R&C Exam is required for Judge currency for 2017.  The passing score is 80%.  The exam is open book and is best done with a copy of the IAC Official Contest Rules and the IAC web site at hand.  An IAC chapter might make exam prep the topic of a chapter meeting.

The IAC Board of Directors approved a short list of rules changes for 2017 which may be seen in the meeting minutes here.  Volunteers who take the exam before the 2017 IAC Official Contest Rules are published should review the meeting minutes to see the approved rules changes.  Doing so will help earn a higher score.

A historical note - The earlier in the year that a Judge takes the exam, the more likely they are to pass on the first try.  Typically 90% pass the exam, with 10% requiring additional scholarship to pass on a second attempt.

See you all at the box,

Wes Liu

Chair, IAC Judges Program