2013 Rule Change: Y Axis

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The "Y Axis" refers to figures flown towards and away from the judges, rather than right-to-left (see diagram). You have probably heard the Y axis described as "non-directional", meaning that:

  • When a figure transitions from the X axis to the Y axis, the choice of direction is up to the pilot, and
  • After an interruption on the Y axis, the competitor may resume the sequence in either direction.

However there were still some ambiguities; those are addressed by this rule change. For a full description of the new rule, see the IAC Rule Book, Section 6.13.5 (login required.)


Figure Depictions

The exit line of figures that begin and end on the Y axis must now be flown as drawn, either in the same direction as the entry line or opposite. And it is no longer permissible to draw a Y-to-Y figure with the entry/exit lines on different angles.


X vs. Wind

Any portion of a figure that will be flown on the X axis must be flown upwind or downwind as drawn except for Family 2 (turns), Family 5 (hammerheads), and Family 6 (tailslides):



  1. If you have a Free program with a Y-to-Y figure with the entry and exit lines at angles to one another, you must re-draw the affected figure(s) and have it re-certified by a current IAC judge.
  2. If your Free program contains a figure that previously allowed you to decide your exit direction "on the fly", you can either fly it as drawn or reverse the exit line and have it re-certified. Here's an example of such a figure: