2007 Regional Series

Here are the winners of the 2007 Regional Series:

Pilot Category Regional %PP  
Joe Haycraft Sportsman Mid-America 89.87  
Robert Butts Intermediate Mid-America 84.13  
Ashley Messenger Advanced Mid-America 77.32  
Hugo Ritzenthaler Unlimited Mid-America 74.62  
Adam Cope Sportsman Northeast 80.25  
Scott Francis Intermediate Northeast 83.48  
William Allen Advanced Northeast 83.07  
William Finagin Sportsman Northwest 82.16  
John Smutny Intermediate Northwest 73.04  
Doug Sowder Advanced Northwest 76.92  
Gregory Howard Unlimited Northwest 82.23  
A.J. Stockhausen Sportsman South Central 85.76  
William Denton Intermediate South Central 87.92  
Joe Haycraft Sportsman Southeast 88.05  
Erica Hoagland Intermediate Southeast 81.09  
Nick Gaylon Advanced Southeast 83.19  
Michael Montgomery Sporstman Southwest 85.89  
Randy Owens Intermediate Southwest 85.79  
Malcolm Pond Advanced Southwest 82.32  
Todd Whitmer Unlimited Southwest 79.36