The Michael E. Blackstone Memorial Scholarship

The Fullerton Chapter of the Ninety-Nines, Inc., an International Organization of Women Pilots, will fund a $2000.00 Scholarship in memory of Michael E. Blackstone for entrants with at least a private pilot certificate to pursue Emergency Maneuvering Training and/or Basic Aerobatics.   Captain Michael E. Blackstone was an avid aerobatic pilot, airline pilot and a CFI who encouraged countless young people to pursue careers in aviation.  He founded Air Combat USA in 1989, which thrived under his leadership for 26 years.  The Michael E. Blackstone Memorial Scholarship applications will be collected by the IAC and forwarded to the Fullerton Chapter where a committee made up of aviation and business leaders will score the applications and determine a winner.  The Fullerton Chapter will continue to award this scholarship annually until further notice.  If at any point the Fullerton Chapter wishes to discontinue funding the scholarship they will notify the IAC at least one year in advance.

Application Procedures;

  1. One page essay on why you want to receive this scholarship.  See Application PDF for essay instructions.
  2. Please include biographical and demographic information, using the format provided.  This information may be used for IAC press releases about the scholarship program.
  3. Rename this file as follows – Last Name Michael E. Blackstone Memorial Scholarship.
  4. Email completed application to IAC [at] using the subject line Scholarship Application - MEB
  5. Do not submit or attach photographs, drawings or artwork with you application.
  6. The selection committee will consider applications received prior to the selection cutoff date for the current year.  Applications received after the cutoff date will be held until next year.

The Fine Print

  1. Applications must be received by March 15..
  2. Winner will be notified on or around June 1st.
  3. The scholarship will be awarded at the 99s dinner at EAA AirVenture.  Winner need not be present but is encouraged to attend.
  4. Scholarship funds will be sent to the school chosen by the winner when the course is scheduled.
  5. The scholarship must be used within one year of the date awarded and is subject to scheduling availability.
  6. Transportation, lodging and meals are the responsibility of the winner.
  7. Scholarship should cover the EMT modules listed below. The training course must be completed at one time, typically during a 7-day consecutive period either at Sunrise Aviation or Santa Paula Airport, CP Aviation or other reputable aerobatic school vetted by the Fullerton Chapter.

Course Modules


Lesson One

  1. Climbing Dutch Rolls
  2. Turns & Slow Flight
  3. Stalls – Power On & Power Off
  4. Rudder Stall Exercise
  5. Introduce One-Turn Spin

Lesson Two

  1. Review
  2. One-Turn Spins Left & Right
  3. Two-Turn Spins Left & Right
  4. Spin Orientation
  5. 180° Power Off Approach to Land

Lesson Three

  1. Review Spins
  2. Spin Dynamics
  3. Selected Aggravated Spin Modes
  4. Unusual Attitudes – Spin Recoveries
  5. 180° Power Off Approach to Land

Lesson Four

  1. Incipient Spin Entries
  2. Skidded Turns
  3. Critical Flight Operations
  4. Spirals
  5. 180° Power Off Approach to Land
  6. Optional – Introduction to Rolls

Also Included With This Module:

Spin Endorsement (CFI Applicants Only)

Prerequisites: None



Lesson One

  1. Review Spins & Loops
  2. Half Loops
  3. Full Loops
  4. Immelmanns

Lesson Two

  1. Review Loops, Spins & Rolls
  2. Half Cuban Eights
  3. Reverse Half Cuban Eights
  4. Hammerhead Turns

Lesson Three

  1. Review All Maneuvers
  2. Design & Fly an Aerobatic Sequence

Lesson Four

  1. Review All Maneuvers
  2. Inverted Turns
  3. Inverted Dutch Rolls
  4. Inverted Spins Left & Right

Prerequisites: EMT® Module I & II, or equivalent