Online Judges School

School Type: 

Intro to Aerobatic Judging (Sessions 1&2, two days)

Dates & Times: 

3/6/21 08:00 to 17:00 MST


The Cloud


TBD, All, All USA

Additional Info (contacts, cost, etc.): 

In light of the pandemic, IAC is offering online school for both aspiring and returning judges. We will EAA's webinar technology (GoToMeeting) because it's reliable, fairly easy to use, and can handle a large audience.

Class will start each day at 10am EST / 7am PST. Plan on 6-8 hours per day with only brief breaks. Several different instructors will present the material in order to offer different perspectives and keep things interesting.

--> You will need to pre-register for each day:

Aspiring judges may substitute the online intro course for the Saturday session, or do both.

Please contact DJ Molny, 303-619-4814, judgeschair [at] if you have any questions.

Non-Member Students: 

Todd Hillman Joy Knoblauch Marcel Stenner Iris Melcher Mihai-Valentin Caval