Intro to Aerobatic Judging (two-day course) - Denver CO

School Type: 

Intro to Aerobatic Judging (Sessions 1&2, two days)

Dates & Times: 

4/4/20 09:00 MDT to 4/5/20 17:00 MDT


Metro State University


1250 7th St., Denver, CO 80204 USA

Additional Info (contacts, cost, etc.): 

What: This is the full two-day introductory course. New students may attend Day 1 in person or complete the online training and knowledge quizzes at their own pace beforehand. Certified judges may skip Day 1 and attend Day 2 in order to fulfill the recurrency requirements.

Cost: FREE! We truly appreciate everyone who dedicates their time to learning about competition aerobatics, honing their skills, and becoming a judge.

Bring: A copy of the Aresti Catalog and the IAC Rule Book.

Lodging: There are numerous hotels with walking distance of the classroom site (map).

Parking: There is a reasonably-priced parking lot immediately north of the classroom site.

RSVP: djmolny [at] or 303-619-4814

NOTE: There's a big, beautiful building with a sign that says "Aerospace Sciences" -- and that is NOT the right place! Be sure to use the 1250 7th St. address.