IAC Open Champion Medals

Medals!! Help to make the IAC Open Championships even more meaningful, prestigous, and fun.


Since inception, hundreds of IAC members have competed at eight IAC Open Championship contests. The contests have awarded thirty-six titles across the five competition categories. We have eight IAC Open Champions in each category (except Primary, which has six). The most recent IAC Championships West was held at Coalinga, California in June of 2016.  The East was at Union City, Tennessee in September.

One shortcoming of the championships is lack of any tangible award given to the champions. There is no token, medal, or trophy for which the pilots compete in order to gain. The only reward, currently, is intangible. That is the honor of holding the title. IAC does not have budget for an award, and it is asking a lot to have every host regional contest raise funds for one.

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