Letter to Advanced Pilots

Dear Advanced Pilots:

We have just completed the Spring IAC Board meeting in Chicago and I wanted to communicate with you, in an expeditious manner, Board decisions which may affect your planning with regard to participation in the up and coming US Advanced Team.

As you know, we had previously expressed our interest in holding the AWAC here in the United States in 2004. The Board has unanimously voted to withdraw that proposal. Considering the financial challenges we have been experiencing to fund this year's WAC, coupled with the additional negative pressure of tapping our vendors two years in a row for help, and the incredible additional load on our staff, it was agreed to be a prudent decision.

Also, there is a proposal to change the requirement of qualifying for the Advanced Team in an AWAC legal airplane. This proposed change to allow the use of any airplane to qualify is being voted on April 18th. Please keep yourself informed and voice your opinion to the IAC Board. This issue shows signs of being a very close vote with two distinct camps of opinion. Please weigh-in with your guidance.

Finally, due to the economy and a rapid financial drain in funding back-to-back WAC's, AWAC's, Glider WAC's, coupled with an overdue C-5 bill ($95,000) that is now accruing interest, the expectation of what USAF is able to assist the IAC chosen teams with must change. Overhead has been slashed and it is now a totally volunteer operation with one paid administrative person to accomplish the bare necessities. Since the sponsor and donor funding in the immediate future will be severely restricted, the Foundation's priority will, by necessity, have to be focused primarily on the Powered Unlimited Team. The Advanced and Glider teams will have to plan accordingly.

I know this is a lot to unload on you at one time, but these are the realities of the times. We're all dealing with it the best we can. If you have further questions, please call USAF President, Michael Racy, or me.


Best Regards,

Gerry Molidor, President