IAC Non-Flying Awards

Recognizing those who make aerobatics fun for the rest of us

By Allyson Parker-Lauck, IAC #15590

Each year, the membership of the IAC nominates outstanding volunteers to be recognized for their contribution to the sport of aerobatics. The award winners are selected by a secret ballot of the IAC Board of Directors.

The Frank Price Cup

The Frank Price Cup was created to recognize outstanding individuals in aerobatics and in honor of aerobatic pioneer Frank Price, the first American to compete in the World Aerobatic Championships. The purpose of the award is to recognize the person who has contributed the most to the sport of aerobatics in the previous year. This year’s winner of the Frank Price Cup is Norm DeWitt. Norm has volunteered for the IAC and EAA as an IAC Director, EAA Director, and leading Unlimited Aerobatics U.S.A., the fundraising and management foundation for the U.S. Aerobatic Team. Here in the United States, you’ll never find Norm far from the judging line or mentoring a new aerobatic pilot at a regional or National contest. But Norm’s contributions to the IAC don’t end here in the United States. Norm received International acclaim for his outstanding leadership at the 2009 World Aerobatic Championships in Silverstone, England during the most difficult of circumstances when our organization lost our President, Vicki Cruse. Barry Tempest of the U.K. said this of Norm’s leadership, “His whole style and personality must have been sorely tried when Vicki died so tragically.  He undoubtedly was a rock that the team hung on to at a time of grieving yet also the need to continue with the contest.  To say the very least this person should receive an IAC award at the highest level possible.” The IAC agrees and congratulates Norm for receiving the Frank Price Cup, IAC’s highest achievement.

The Kathy Jaffe Award

This award was donated in the memory of Kathleen Jaffe. Her spirit and enthusiasm for aerobatics and the aerobatic community were truly remarkable. The purpose of the award is to recognize an outstanding volunteer during the previous year. General guidelines are that this person is one who consistently, unselfishly and eagerly accepts more responsibilities than he or she can handle, meets these responsibilities with tireless effort, efficiency and a smile, and who places the needs of others above his or her own, making the sport of aerobatics more enjoyable for everyone. After reading these guidelines, if you don’t immediately think of Ann Salcedo, you’ve obviously never met her! Go to any aerobatic contest where Ann is volunteering, you’ll see her as the first to arrive, and the last to leave, and always with a beaming smile on her face. Ann truly exemplifies the spirit of IAC volunteerism, and the IAC is proud to once again present the Kathy Jaffe Award to Ann.

The Harold E. Neumann Award
A number of IAC members collaborated in conceiving the idea for presenting a trophy to the outstanding chief judge each year. The family of Harold E. Neumann has provided the permanent trophy in 1998 to recognize the outstanding chief judge and to honor the name of Harold E. Neumann, Collier Aviation Trophy recipient, Thompson Trophy Race winner, active IAC competitor and judge until well into his 70's. The Award is given annually for outstanding contribution as a Chief Judge during the prior contest year. This year the IAC is pleased to present this prestigious award to Greg Dungan. Not only has Greg been an outstanding judge for many years having been selected to judge U.S. Team selection and as a judge for the World Aerobatic Championships, Greg has also headed up the IAC’s Judging Program, taught countless Judge’s Schools, and served as Chief Judge at the National Championships. Being a good Chief Judge requires attention to detail and professionalism, and nobody does that better than Greg. Congratulations Greg for this outstanding recognition.

The Curtis Pitts Memorial Trophy for Innovative Aerobatic Design

This award was donated by the Pitts family in the memory of Curtis Pitts. From the first design called the “Little Stinker” in 1944 to the Model 14 designed just before his death in 2005, Curtis Pitts was one of the most prolific aircraft designers in aviation history. His designs, and their descendants, forever changed the world of aerobatics. The purpose of this award is to recognize an outstanding contribution to aerobatics through product design. When one thinks of the Pitts aircraft, Herb Andersen’s name may not be the first to come to mind; however, do a little research, and you’ll learn that Herb played an integral role throughout the years of taking Curtis Pitts’ innovative designs and prototypes and making them into production airplanes. Working as a draftsman and design engineer in the days of Al and Art Mooney, Herb Andersen became part of the certification team of the Mooney M20. With his design and manufacturing expertise and Curtis Pitts consulting, Herb transformed the Pitts S-2A with the powerful Lycoming IO-540 into the single seat Pitts S-2S. Still today, the Pitts S-2S is the backbone of the airshow muscle biplane. No sooner than the S-2S was certified, Mr. Andersen upgraded this power house in a 2 seats configuration still based on the Pitts S-2A into the Pitts S-2B. Without Herb’s influence, it is safe to say that the Pitts would have never reached the 4 corners of the world. The IAC is pleased to present the Curtis Pitts Memorial Trophy to Herb Andersen, Jr.

The winners of each of the IAC’s Non-Flying awards were announced at the IAC’s annual meeting in Oshkosh. The awards will be presented to the recipients at the Awards Banquet at the U.S. Nationals.