Corrections to 2001 Official Contest Rule Book

If you didn't run right out and get your Unlimited Smooth Patch when the new IAC Rule Book was published --- too late! Appendix 5 of the 2001 Rule Book shows only three figures required for the Unlimited Achievement Award.  Sorry folks, not going to happen! When the new book was printed, the glider figures were accidentally printed over the top of the remaining list of Unlimited Power figures. If you have any intention of trying for the Unlimited patch this year or are a judge who might be asked to watch the patch attempt, be sure and add the following figures to the Unlimited Power section of your Appendix 5.

(4) 8 Sided Loop, down 7.10.4.
(5) Outside Loop, up 7.5.2.
(6) Full snap on vertical down line 1.6.3. +
(7) Outside snap on 45 up line 1.2.1. +
(8) Push into Hammerhead, 1/2 roll up 5.1.4. +
(9) Tailslide, wheels down 6.1.1.
(10) Cuban 8, double outside 7.25.2. +
(11) 360 rolling turn, 4 rolls, inside/outside 2.15.1.
(12) Goldfish, 1/2 roll 7.20.1. +

Also, on page A1.4, the Unlimited Power Known, figures 7 and 8 are drawn with outside (black) snaps instead of the correct inside (white) snaps. The catalog numbers are correct, only the drawing is incorrect. The sequence drawing on the members only section of the IAC website is correct.