Annual Meeting Election Results

The 2001 IAC Annual Meeting was held in Indianapolis, IN as part of the National Aeronautic Association Air Sports Expo on February 9th. The IAC elected Rob Dorsey and Dave Monroe as President and Vice President respectively. Four directors vied for three Director seats on the IAC Board. Jim Taylor beat out incumbent Howie Stock as Director for the Southeast U.S. region. Here are the official election results:

Total number of votes cast by ballot:  995
Total number of votes cast in person:  6
Total number of votes:  1001


Rob Dorsey:  829 votes

Vice President
Dave Monroe:  767 votes

Gerry Molidor:  699 votes
Jim Taylor:  660 votes
Tom Myers:  615 votes
Howie Stock:  549 votes


Outgoing President Doug McConnell said of his past presidency, "sometimes it was just plain hard work with few thank yous, but, in balance, the experience was fantastic and rewarding.  I would encourage anyone else to serve as IAC president."  McConnell commented that he received great satisfaction from seeing many leadership initiatives adopted and implemented, and seeing the enjoyment that members receive from all of the contests, national events, social receptions, awards programs, Hall of Fame inductions, and other IAC activities.  Also, richly rewarding for McConnell was having the privilege of knowing and working with the officers and directors of numerous air sport organizations.  "Good luck to all my many friends and acquaintances, and please accept my personal best wishes to all who will lead the IAC in the future - a future bright with new possibilities and opportunities for growth and fun!"

Incoming President Rob Dorsey, accepting the presidency for the IAC, commented that he was immensely honored to accept the position.  Rob commented that he intended to carry on the fine work begun by outgoing President Doug McConnell and outgoing Vice President Dave Lammers and would also push forward with bold new initiatives to make IAC a more member-oriented and open organization.  "I clearly remember just why we started this club in the first place," said Dorsey, "and have a clear vision of it being a club for all aerobatic enthusiasts at all levels of proficiency, fun, easy to get into, and, because of the wonderful people and great flying, hard to leave."