Advanced Aircraft Member Comment

(Motion 34 taken from IAC Board of Directors Meeting Minutes, November 7-8, 2002)

In an effort to be certain that everyone involved has a full and complete understanding of the IAC Board of Directors’ action in this motion, and it’s rationale, the IAC would like to clarify motion 34. The motion states, “It is moved that the restriction in the P&P be changed to say that they [Advanced Team Candidates] can fly any legal airplane at the U.S. Nationals.” This motion was made by Phil Knight and seconded by Bubba Vidrine. The motion carried with directors Heuer, Stock and Taylor opposed, and directors Cruse and Poehlmann abstaining. The effect of this motion is to allow a competitor who is attempting to gain a slot on the U.S. Advanced Team to fly any aircraft which is legal for competition in the U.S., NOT MERELY THOSE WHICH ARE LEGAL FOR AWAC. This would allow essentially ANY aircraft to be flown for team selection. The rationale presented by Director Knight was that a number of advanced competitors fly aircraft that are not AWAC legal, and without obtaining another aircraft are thus excluded from selection for the Advanced Team. As this effects section 504 of the P&P, which requires a member comment period, this motion will be revisited at the March Board of Directors meeting, as well as at the April Annual Meeting at Sun N’ Fun before a final vote by the Board in April. Advanced competitors are encouraged to contact their respective Directors with any comments regarding this policy change. To contact the IAC Board by e-mail on this issue, send comments to IAC-Board [at]