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February 25, 2001

Attention all National Judges!

A new rule for 2001 [2.6.3(e)] requires all National judges to attend a judge's recurrency or Advanced Judging Criteria seminar at least once every three (3) calendar years, or revert back to a Regional judge status until such time as this requirement is met.  The question arises as to when does the clock start for National judges whose last school was prior to this year? The policy is as follows:

If the last...

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February 22, 2001

The 2001 IAC Annual Meeting was held in Indianapolis, IN as part of the National Aeronautic Association Air Sports Expo on February 9th. The IAC elected Rob Dorsey and Dave Monroe as President and Vice President respectively. Four directors vied for three Director seats on the IAC Board. Jim Taylor beat out incumbent Howie Stock as Director for the Southeast U.S. region. Here are the official election results:

Total number of votes cast by ballot:  995
Total number of votes cast in person:  6
Total number of votes:  1001


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February 2, 2001

National Judge Polling Process Altered

Lisa Wegener reports pre-registration will now be required to compete at the U.S. National Aerobatic Championships to be held in Denison, TX September 3-8, 2001.  In addition, only those pilots who have pre-registered for the event will be polled on their choice for national judge selection.

According to Wegener, the IAC Board adopted changes to the IAC's Policy and Procedures Manual at a teleconference call on...

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January 10, 2001

The IAC Board of Directors has cancelled the 2001 IAC Championships, scheduled for this fall in Florida.  The championship event was cancelled after the Florida chapters who made the original bid to host the event withdrew their bid.  Louisiana Chapter 72 had also bid on the event, but their tentative spring date left inadequate time to properly organize and publicize the meet.

The situation has given the IAC Board the opportunity to review the entire Championship concept.  IAC Historian and Board of Director Mike Heuer explained that when there were two competing national aerobatic...

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