IAC Legal Counsel Needed

The International Aerobatic Club (IAC) is in need of legal counsel to assist in providing as-needed advice on day-to-day matters. In addition, our legal counsel may be requested to be present at Board of Directors meetings to advise the Board.

The person who fills this position needs to be an attorney who is an IAC member and is available to do limited legal work for IAC on a pro-bono basis. Familiarity with Wisconsin law is a plus. An outside firm will be retained when detailed legal work is required that involves courtroom activity, tax matters, and other business. This is usually coordinated through the EAA's legal counsel. 

If you are an active IAC member, familiar with Wisconsin law, and you would like to serve the IAC and its membership in this way, please contact Steve Kurtzahn, IAC Executive Director, at execdir [at] iac.org

 or call 920-426-6574.