CANCELED: Wildwood Acroblast

From Bill Finagin:

The contest at Wildwood has been cancelled due to the impending weather forecast for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. If you have ever been a CD of a contest you know how difficult this decision is to make. Eric has done a superb job in advanced planning, getting everything in place, talking to the FAA and obtaining the waivers, talking to the DARPA people and going down to Wildwood to meet them and iron out all of their concerns about specific possibilities that could occur, making banquet arrangements, ordering new radios, etc and etc.  This is a most difficult decision and I applaud him for making the painful but correct decision.  In one sense you might say a lot of work suddenly went down the drain! Hang in there all you loyal IACers, there will be another contest next year, so keep your chin up, check your six, and continue to practice those figures!