2001 Recurrency Requirements for National Judges

Attention all National Judges!

A new rule for 2001 [2.6.3(e)] requires all National judges to attend a judge's recurrency or Advanced Judging Criteria seminar at least once every three (3) calendar years, or revert back to a Regional judge status until such time as this requirement is met.  The question arises as to when does the clock start for National judges whose last school was prior to this year? The policy is as follows:

If the last recurrency or Advanced school attended was in year 2000, OR EARLIER, the judge has until the end of calendar 2002 to attend a school, or that judge will revert to Regional status until a school is attended. Note that this requirement does NOT affect a judge's currency to be a grading judge, only the judge's National/Regional status.  Please contact Rules Committee Chairman Brian Howard at BK [at] NewAttAero.com

directly with any questions regarding this policy.