In the Loop - Safety Series - How to fasten a Hooker Harness

By Spencer Suderman, IAC 429636

After a good round of arguments on the What, How and Why of installation and securing of these [Hooker Harness straps], I called Scott at Hooker Harness and had a nice conversation to collect actual facts. Here are the guidelines from that conversation;

In terms of securing the double belt system upon your body:

All vertical straps (shoulder & crotch) must be on the same buckle which is the one with the ratchet belt.

When it comes to good installation of the kit in the plane:

The belt with the ratchet should make a 45-degree angle from the crease in your hip to the attach point in the plane.

With regards to the question of the ratchet belt on the top or bottom:

This depends upon the ergonomic accommodation needed in a given aircraft and pilot combination.  It's OK to flip the lap belt over and have the ratchet on the top/bottom if that makes more sense for your use case.

With regards to a double ratchet:

If Hooker makes the harness with two ratchets on a single belt and none on the secondary belt that is OK.

If you put together your own harness from parts you have laying around with a ratchet on the top and bottom belts...THIS IS NOT RECOMMENDED.

Like most things in aviation and aerobatics, there are many ways to answer the questions about installation and use of this product within a set of guidelines.

Also note that the belts for certified airplanes are made in accordance with the STC while belts for experimental planes can vary wildly to meet pilot preference.

Here is the setup in my Pitts S1 which is also how I wore the belts in my S-2B.