P&P 201 Achievement Awards Program

Policy and Procedures

Section: 201

Subject: Achievement Awards Program

 Date: 24 April 2020

Revision / Type: 29 / B

201.1 Purpose

201.1.1 The IAC Achievement Awards Program was created in 1971 to recognize and reward pilots of all levels of aerobatic flying through the issuance of certificates and awards. Awards are given for both competition and noncompetition flying.  

201.2 General Rules

201.2.1 An applicant for an IAC Aerobatic Achievement Award must be a member in good standing of the International Aerobatic Club, Inc. 

201.2.2 All IAC Official Contest Rules will prevail with the following exceptions: 

      a) There will be no maximum altitude except that the figures must be easily seen from the ground with the naked eye. 

      b) Technical inspections will not be required.

201.2.3 Each applicant desiring an Achievement Award will complete an application and submit it with payment for the requested awards. Send applications to the IAC Executive Director noted on the application. 

201.2.4 Applications for Achievement Awards can be obtained from the Achievement Awards Chairman, from the Registrar at a sanctioned contest, or downloaded from the IAC web site: http://www.iac.org/legacy/achievement-awards.

201.2.5 Each award will be certified by the Achievement Awards Chairman

201.3 Classifications

201.3.1 There are two types of Achievement Awards: 

     a) Smooth 

     b) Stars

201.3.2 There are five Categories for each type of Award: 

     a) Primary

     b) Sportsman

     c) Intermediate

     d) Advanced

     e) Unlimited 

with the exception that there is no Glider Primary Stars Award since no such category exists at IAC competition events.

201.4 Smooth Awards

201.4.1 This award is given to pilots who have demonstrated their ability to fly a given category’s list of Smooth figures.

201.4.2 Smooth Awards are earned in a non-contest environment.  Figures flown during contest flights may not be used to qualify for Smooth Awards. 

201.4.3 Qualifying figures can be completed in either one flight or on multiple flights, on different days, in different aircraft and with multiple judges. 

201.4.4 Minimum competition altitudes must be upheld for each qualifying figure.

201.4.5 The figures must be evaluated using one of two methods:

     a) Method A – Flying the Figures in front of an IAC Judge

     b) Method B – Flying the Figures with a Grading CFI in the aircraft

201.4.6 Method A – Flying the Figures in front of an IAC Judge The Judge must be on the “IAC Approved Judges List” at the time the figure is flown and graded.

      Exception: IAC members in good standing flying in locations outside of the United States may earn an Achievement Award by flying figures before a current judge from an aerobatic organization recognized by the FAI and IAC. The application for Award will be processed following verification of the examining judge's credentials, which must be provided by the applicant. The Judge must observe the figures from the ground. The Judge must record a grade for EACH figure along with the date performed. The Judge must grade each figure 5.0 points or higher. Safety pilots (according to the current IAC Rule Book) may be used.

201.4.7 Method B - Flying the Figures with a Grading CFI in the aircraft Advanced and Unlimited Smooth Awards may not be earned using this method. The Grading CFI must: 

     a) Be a current Certified Flight Instructor (under the regulations of the licensing country’s aviation regulatory agency). 

     b) Be a current IAC member. 

     c) Possess an IAC Achievement Award (SMOOTH or STARS) that is at least one category higher than the SMOOTH award being sought, except that:

           i. If the grading CFI possesses a MCFI-A certificate, that instructor may grade figures up to the level of Achievement Award that he/she possesses (up to Intermediate). 

           ii. For countries outside the United States, the instructor must have competed in at least the Advanced level of competition. The Grading CFI shall not assign a numeric grade to each figure flown, but rather note a grade of “Q” (Qualifying) on the award application for each figure which the CFI believes would have received a grade of 5.0 or better from a ground-based judge observing the figure. Each figure in the appropriate Category Figure List must receive a grade of “Q” to earn the Achievement Award. In addition to name and IAC member number, the Grading CFI must supply his/her CFI certificate number with expiration date, along with their own achievement award level and type (SMOOTH or STARS) as directed on the application form.





201.7 Star Awards

201.7.1 Star Awards must be earned in competition at an IAC sanctioned contest. 

201.7.2 To earn a Star Award:

     a) If the contest has fewer than four judges, a minimum grade of 5.0 must be awarded on each figure and on Presentation for all flights. 

     b) If the contest flight has four or more judges, One (1) grade on EACH figure and on Presentation may be less than 5.0.

201.7.3 All grades will be considered as they are calculated in final form, after any processing is applied.

201.7.4 The Four Minute Freestyle is not to be included as a flight.

201.7.5 Intermediate, Advanced and Unlimited must fly at least two flights to qualify for a Star Award. 

201.7.6 All applicants must fly and qualify in all flights available at a contest in their category.

201.7.7 Contestants who qualify for Star Awards are acknowledged in the official posted scores with a * (star) preceding the applicant’s score in the contest results posted on the IAC website. 

201.8 Certificates and Patches

201.8.1 A certificate will be issued for each award requested. 

201.8.2 Distinctive patches, lapel pins, and decals will be available for purchase by applicant. 

201.8.3 Special Achievements: POWER ALL FIVE. The All Five Power Special Achievement is recognized upon earning all five Smooth Awards (Primary through Unlimited). ALL TEN. (previously All Nine*). The All Ten Special Achievement is recognized upon earning all five Smooth AND all five Star Awards (Primary through Unlimited). *Note – Recipients of the legacy All Nine Award (before Power Basic/Primary was added) are still recognized for their All Nine Special Achievement and are eligible for All Ten once the applicant achieves the Primary Stars Award via ‘flying for the Patch”. GLIDER ALL FIVE. The All Five Glider Special Achievement is recognized upon earning all five Smooth Awards (Primary through Unlimited). ALL Nine (previously All Seven*). The All Nine Glider Special Achievement is recognized upon earning All Five Smooth AND all four Star Awards (Sportsman through Unlimited). *Note – Recipients of the legacy All Seven Award (before the Advanced category was added) are still recognized for their All Seven Special Achievement and are eligible for All Nine once the applicant achieves the added Advanced Stars and Smooth Awards. MASTERY OF FLIGHT.  New in 2020, the distinction of Mastery of Flight will be awarded to applicants who have:

     1) Qualified for at least 12 of the 19 existing Achievement Awards (Power and Glider, Smooth and Stars).

     2) At least one Achievement Award that must be a Star Award in at least the Advanced category (Glider or Power), wherein the Unknown flight must have been flown at the contest to which the Advanced Star was achieved.

     3) At least three Achievement Awards (Smooth and/or Star) in both the Power and Glider Categories. ORDERING COMMERATIVE MATERIALS. The All Ten (All Nine glider) and All Five Special Achievement Patches, Pins and Decals may be applied for on the respective Unlimited Achievement Award application forms. The Mastery of Flight Patches, Pins and Decals may be applied for by use of the Mastery of Flight application.

201.8.4 The names of the ALL-TEN power, ALL-NINE glider and Mastery of Flight recipients for the previous 12 months will be announced each year at the U.S. National Aerobatic Championships by the President of IAC. 

201.8.5 A permanent list of all applicants and recipients of both Smooth and Star Awards will be maintained by the Achievement Awards Chairman. 

201.9 Administration

201.9.1 The Achievement Awards Committee has the responsibility to manage the Achievement Awards Program. Achievement Award applications are available from the Achievement Awards Committee Chair, IAC Headquarters or the IAC website and should be forwarded by the applicant to the Achievement Awards Committee Chair. 

201.9.2 The Achievement Awards Committee uses the following procedures to process Achievement Award applications:

     a) Verify pilot information and valid IAC number. 

     b) Verify log information for award. 

     c) (Stars Awards only). Verify contest and chief judge information.  

     d) Collect fee for awards and submit to IAC with sales summary.  

     e) Update the Achievement Awards database when it is issued.  

      f) Send member certificate signed by the IAC President and award.  

     g) Submit report of Achievement Awards issued for publication on the IAC website and in Sport Aerobatics magazine.


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