National Aerobatics Day

The skill, beauty, and excitement of aerobatic flight will be celebrated on Saturday, June 26, during the inaugural National Aerobatics Day.

National Aerobatics Day is the perfect day to host an aerobatic camp, a BBQ, a practice session, or to share videos of aerobatic activity online. With over 40 chapters nationwide and two international chapters, IAC members will be organizing these types of activities and others to engage the public and general aviation pilots in aerobatics.

CHECK OUT the Upcoming IAC National Aerobatic Day Events 

  • IAC 3 - Meet and Greet, Williamson, Georgia (GA2) : LINK

  • IAC 11 - Community BBQ, Warrenton, Virginia (KHWY) : LINK

  • IAC 26 - Practice Day, Lancaster, California (KWJF) : LINK

  • IAC 27 - Practice Day, Jackson, TN (KMKL) : LINK

  • IAC 34 - Practice Day, Bellefontaine, Ohio (KEDJ) : LINK 

  • IAC 35 - Practice Day and BBQ, Concord New Hampshire (KCON) LINK

  • IAC 52 - Practice Day, Bayville, News Jersey (KMJX): LINK

  • IAC 58 - Practice Days and Open House, Tunkhannock, PA (76N) LINK

  • IAC 67 - Apple Cup Aerobatic Competition, Ephrata, WA (KEPH) LINK

  • IAC 80 - Midwest Aerobatic Championships (KSWT): LINK

  • IAC 88 - Presentation and Static Display, Ray, Michigan (D98:) LINK

  • IAC 119 - Open House and Burger Burn. Augusta, Kansas (3AU) : LINK

  • IAC 133 - Practice Day, Chesapeake, Virginia (KPVG): LINK 

More information is available on this website - including IAC chapters throughout the country and the IAC contest event calendar for aerobatic activity on June 26 and year round!

Visit us on social media for videos and photos leading up to and on National Aerobatics Day! 


Dates and Times: 

Saturday, June 26, 2021 - 09:00 to 16:00

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