Coalinga Western Showdown

Chapter 38 welcomes everyone to the Coalinga Western Showdown at the one and only New Coalinga airport (C80)! For those of you wishing to pre-register for this contest you might've noticed that the ACRS system is currently undergoing a facelift, so to bypass this please email Brennon York directly at the email listed below with the relevant information. If you're new to contest flying, the IAC or Chapter 38, or just have questions in general, please reach out for those as well. We're here to help and make this an amazing experience!

Reservations are filling up fast so make sure, if you want to stay at Harris Ranch, to book your hotel rooms now. The group code is 2T35VI (2 - tango - 3 - 5 - victor - india) and you will need to call for the group rate to apply (it doesn't work with online reservations).


Thursday, June 1:

  • Registration, Tech. Inspection, Practice
  • Box open until sundown

Friday, June 2:

  • Briefing at 0600
  • Contest Flying (Known, Free)
  • Box open until sundown

Saturday, June 3:

  • Briefing at 0600
  • Contest Flying (Unknown)
  • Awards Banquet at Harris Ranch
  • Box open until sundown

Costs (credit card accepted at the contest site):

  • Primary Registration: $160.00
  • Sportsman through Unlimited Registration: $235.00
  • Banquet at Harris Ranch: $50
  • Extra box lunches: $10
  • Extra t-shirts: $10
  • Aeroshell 100 Plus oil: $10 / Quart

New Coalinga Airport (C80):

Preferred Runway: 12/30, runway 30 is RIGHT traffic

While 1/19 is open it is listed as "poor condition" and we recommend its usage only at pilot discretion and awareness.

Hangaring and Ramp Parking:

Hangaring, unlikely or very limited, first come - first served, prices TBD. Ramp parking, free and plentiful, but bring chocks and/or tie down ropes.


Self-serve credit card driven fuel island. According to Airnav, $5.80 per gallon.

Hotels, Motels, & Inns:

You are highly encouraged to make your reservations early, as the contest is during their busy season. The group rate for the block of rooms reserved at Harris Ranch is $140.00 with the group code 2T35VI (2 - tango - 3 - 5 - victor - india). You will need to call for the group rate to apply (it doesn't work with online reservations). A complete listing of all available hotels is as follows:

  • Harris Ranch, 24505 West Dorris Ave, 800-942-2333.
  • Motel 6 Coalinga East, 25008 West Dorris Ave, 559-935-1536.
  • Best Western Big Country Inn, 25020 West Dorris Ave, 559-935-0866.
  • Coalinga Travelodge, 25278 West Dorris Ave, 559-935-2063.
  • Baker House B&B, 190 Mountain View Pl, 559-934-1900.
  • Royal Lodge, 800 E Elm Ave, 559-935-1664.
  • Cambridge Inn, 100 Cambridge Ave, 559- 935-1541.


Camping out at the terminal building is ok.


There is no public transportation or on-airport car rental.

Airport ID: 


Airport Name: 

New Coalinga

Contact Info: 

Brennon York, 260.705.0755, brennon.york [at]

Tom Myers, 650.799.6854, tom.myers [at]







Registration Dates: 


Contest Dates: 

2017-06-02 to 2017-06-03

Supplemental / Waiver of Rules: 


Email Unknowns to:


Power Sportsman
Power Intermediate
Power Advanced
Power Unlimited