On Behalf of IAC36 AND IAC49,

Join us for Akrofest 2021 in beautiful Borrego Springs, California!

Two of California's premiere IAC chapters are teaming up to host THE contest of 2021. We've got surprises to share as we get closer, but let's just say that you do NOT want to miss this contest. By day, you'll fly in the world's finest aerobatic box—built to CIVA standards, designed to host the world championships, and practically visible from space. By night, you'll trade laughs with some of the world's finest pilots at a relaxing desert resort.

The box is right next to a 5,000-foot runway and the judging line is right next to that. No shuffling to some remote cow patty; all the action happens right at Borrego. You'll even have spectators! We invite the whole town to come watch the contest.



Call the Borrego Springs Resort at (760) 767-5700 and ask for the "IAC36 Rate". Call early because it sells out! 

If no rooms are available, try Casa Del Zoro at (760) 767-0100. There are also cheap motels in town, a few minutes from the field.



Rental cars, Uber, and Lyft are usually not available. However, the Borrego Springs Resort has a free shuttle you can call on demand. It's a 5-minute ride. Some people will also have cars available. Ground transportation has never been a problem.




  • All 5 categories
  • Unlimited 4-minute Free (smoke oil and sound system on site.)


  • All 4 categories
  • *Please contact the CD so we can confirm type, tow-plane status, etc.

Bottom line: if you have a thing with wings, it's welcome in Borrego.  



Thursday, October 14:

  • 0900 to 1600 — Registration
  • 0900 to Sunset — Practice

Friday, October 15:

  • 0630 — Breakfast at Borrego Springs Resort (free)
  • 0700 — Mandatory Pilot Briefing
  • 0830 — Flying

Saturday, October 16:

  • 0630 — Breakfast at Borrego Springs Resort (free)
  • 0700 — Mandatory Pilot Briefing
  • 0830 — Competition Flying
  • 1300(ish) — Unlimited 4-Minute Free
  • 1730 — Cocktail Hour at the Borrego Springs Resort
  • 1830 — Awards Banquet



Do NOT use the IAC pre-registration system. Instead, visit www.iac36.org and use the registration link that will be available on our website closer to the contest date. There is a $25 discount for early registration, which ends on October 4, 2020.



Early Entry Fee — $250
Normal Entry Free — $275


  • Two breakfasts
  • Two lunches
  • Award Banquet Dinner
  • T-shirt 

First-time competitors get a free one-year membership to IAC36 ($50 value), which lets them practice in the Borrego aerobatic box year-round.



Email the Contest Director: bdkjones [at] gmail [dot] com



That's okay, we do this twice a year! Check out the Hammerhead Roundup in April, 2022!

Airport ID: 


Airport Name: 

Borrego Valley Airport




Borrego Springs



Registration Dates: 


Contest Dates: 

2021-10-15 to 2021-10-16

Supplemental / Waiver of Rules: 

1. We are trying something new: I need an optional waiver to replace the Free flight with a second Unknown flight in the Intermediate, Advanced, and Unlimited categories. (I'll also obviously need two Unknown sequences for each category instead of one.) We definitely intend to make this change for the Advanced and Unlimited categories, but may retain the Free for the Intermediate category after further discussion. That's why I'm asking for the *option* to do this. 2. I need an optional waiver to run the contest without assistant judges, in order to comply with Covid-19 restrictions in place as of now. (Hopefully by October that won't be an issue). 3. I need an optional waiver to run the contest without corner judges, based on volunteer availability and provisions of the airport land-use permit. I will use corners if at all possible.


Power Sportsman
Power Intermediate
Power Advanced
Power Unlimited
Glider Sportsman
Glider Intermediate
Glider Advanced
Glider Unlimited
Four Minute Free

Contest Fees: 




Host Chapter: